Originated from Thailand

Pamira Briefing

Located in Rayong province, Thailand, Pamira is specialized in manufacturing baby formula milk powder, adult formula milk powder, baby formula rice cereal and other supplements and snacks. Pamira aims to give babies all-round care. The raw materials selected are Thai Hom Mali rice, fresh fruits and vegetables, which are nutritious and healthy. This company has established cooperation with Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (RMUTK) to jointly develop baby formulas, infusing the brand with royal quality.

Five Core Strengths

  • 1.Quality Supply Chain

    Pamira pays attention to every link from raw materials, packaging materials, design, production and logistics to achieve a one-stop service.
  • 2.Professional R&D Team

    As the baby grows and develops, the R&D team works with senior researchers and professors to develop balanced infant formula.
  • 3.Quality Control

    ISO Class 8 clean room and "unattended" production mode ensures zero pollution. Full video monitoring of the whole production process leaves no safety or quality blind spot.
  • 4.Sophisticated Equipment

    With self-built factories, the introduction of domestic and foreign high-end equipment, the establishment of international-level production management system and quality prosecution system.
  • 5.First-rate Service

    The company has established a professional level of after-sales service team, to provide users with efficient, high-quality, timely service, responsible for the product before, sold, after-sales service, in order to provide a reliable guarantee for customer satisfaction.
Thailand's agricultural tycoon has become a supplier of raw materials to Pamira.
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ISO Class 8 Clean Room

Enterprise Qualification

Cooperation Process

OEM /ODM Cooperation Modes

  • Processing with Supplied Materials

    Customers can provide recipes or raw materials, we can according to your requirements to produce the finished product.

  • Processing with Supplied Samples

    Customers provide samples, we have a laboratory to help you test ingredients, to give you processing products.

  • Joint Development

    We have our own R&D labs and technicians. We can develop products jointly according to your needs.


    We have our own products, and we can provide OEM /ODM services.

If you are interested in the above products, please leave a message, we will contact you ASAP!