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Country of Origin, Always Fresh! Selected Thai hom mali Rice and Strict QC for Safe Baby Rice Cereals!

Rice cereals have now become the first bite of food besides breast milk for most babies. For this bite of food, many parents have spared no efforts in studying the formula, ingredients and manufacturers of dozens of domestic and foreign rice cereals. However, most of the parents do not care much about rice, the raw material of rice cereals for they assume that rice is nothing but rice, what's the big deal of it? In fact, rice, as the highest content of rice cereals and the main source of nutrition for babies, the importance of it is self-evident; however, it has been ignored by many parents.

High quality rice is the guarantee of nutritious rice noodles. In order to provide safe and healthy food for the baby, pamira insists on choosing the best potato rice grown with the benefits.

Country of Origin

Roi Et is a province in northeastern Thailand on a non-polluted plateau. The tropical monsoon climate, with an average monthly average temperature (22-25 ° C) and abundant annual average rainfall (over 1000 mm) make it an ideal choice for rice production. The annual sunshine hours in the planting area exceeds 1800 hours, which means that each ration can enjoy more than 5 hours of sunbathing per day, fully absorbing the essence of sunlight and contributing to the growth of Malaysia. The whole planting cycle does not contain chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and natural rainwater irrigation ensures the freshness and purity of rice.

Harvested Once in A Year, Fewer But Better

Thai hom mali rice takes 214 days to grow and is harvested only once in a year, making it more nutritious than common rice. The high fiber, vitamin and protein, rich minerals, iron, calcium and phosphorus it contains can fully meet the daily needs of the human body.

Low amylose content, easy to digest and absorb

Amylose is a type of starch found in rice. The amylose content of common rice is between 14% and 24%, while that of hom mali rice is between 12% and 19%. Besides, it is rich in dietary fiber, which promotes intestinal digestion and relieves constipation.

High quality raw materials are only the first step in quality products. pamira has its own high-end plantations that kill pests in ancient and non-chemical ways, avoiding pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables. Mango is full and soft, which is good for reducing internal heat; tomatoes are rich in fiber and sweet and delicious; bananas, thin skin and thick flesh are good for stomach and promoting body fluids. All products are rigorously tested, unlike general products that add artificial flavors and chemical nutrients.

To produce the most nutritious baby food, Pamira also cooperates with Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep (RMUTK) to jointly develop baby formulas, which injects royal quality into the brand. In addition, a professional research and development team has been formed to conduct scientific research and put forward balanced formulas.

Pamira pays constant attention to the nutrition of babies, striving to give them the love and care of a mother. Dedicated to raising healthy and happy babies, it is a safe and wise choice for all moms.